Nothing short of a Miracle!

THE HYPE IS REAL!! Sunday morning read and I absolutely blasted through it, impossible to set down! This book collects the full 12 issues of Mister Miracle by Tom King & Mitch Gerads! I have been anticipating the release of this graphic novel after hearing what fans of DC and Tom Kings work had been […]

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Where to start?

Quick post on a question I often get asked and love answering is: “I want to get into the comics but how do I know where to start?” Comics is understandably overwhelming for newcomers to jump into but I’m always ready and willing to help anyone with any interest as in my opinion comics to […]

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Intro to EC_Comics!

A quick rundown – I’m here to share my views and experiences as I embark on my hunt to substantially grow my current collection of Comics/Graphic Novels / Figures / artwork and more! I used to strictly collect single issues of comics and had a room full of long boxes which consisted of over 700 […]

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